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“Constant kindness can accomplish much…” – Albert Schweitzer. During these difficult times, we as neighbors can choose to help other neighbors.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors SLC is a 100% volunteer-based nonprofit group. The website,, was originally created in late March of 2020, to help out my local neighbors. It was a site for the self-quarantined elderly and immunocompromised to request free delivery of groceries and supplies. Volunteers around the neighborhood were asked to sign up on the site. Less than a month later, the program has amassed over 800 volunteers and we have completed over 450 requests across the state of Utah. All of this is possible due to the kindness of the volunteers.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors SLC would also like to help those who are affected by a job loss, being food insecure, or for whatever reasons due to COVID-19. We are asking for donations to help those people in the state of Utah. We are entirely volunteer-based, so every single dollar donated goes directly to someone in need.

Where will the money from this fund go?

We are funding up to $50 (if needed) for grocery/supply home deliveries

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